Gauges in San Jose, CA

When you need crucial gauges to monitor the status of your industrial application, Royal Brass Incorporated is ready to provide them. Our staff has a broad scope of gauges in-stock ready to supply you with the vital components to keep you safe, informed and aware. From pressure to flow rates and anything else you might need to know, our staff will help you find the right gauge in San Jose and Pacheco, CA.

Gauge Siphons

Need to protect your gauge from high-temperature or volatile media? We sell gauge siphons to make sure your gauges are properly protected and always readable, with a reliable reading. Regardless of the position of your sensor or what catalysts it may be prone to experiencing, we have a siphon that will fit it properly and protect it thoroughly.

Fuel Gauges


Having an accurate fuel gauge is important—and it starts by having a gauge backed by a reputable name brand. To get the best possible value out of a new fuel gauge in San Jose, CA, let us provide you with one from Parker Hannifin. Our inventory contains a variety of options, meant specifically for your fuel monitoring application.

Refrigerant Gauges

From commercial refrigerant gauges to gauges monitoring coolant across non-standard applications, we’re your destination for these essential equipment items. Let us know the nature of your application and what the gauge specifications are and we’ll make sure they’re met.

Pressure Gauges

Pressure gauges come in a variety of sizes and capacities. Let us help you pinpoint the right one for your needs and make sure it includes the features, threading and construction you need to make a reliable installation. Count on us to bring you only the best, from brands like Parker Hannifin.

Get the Right Gauge

Whether you need to gauge fuel, refrigerant or something else altogether, Royal Brass Incorporated will make sure you’ve got the right product for the job. Contact us today at 408-297-6642 or stop into one of our convenient locations to discuss your equipment needs. We’ll be happy to assist you in getting the right gauges, tubing, flanges, and regulators at the right price.

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