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The Benefits of Using Custom Hydraulic Hoses

July 21, 2021

Businesses that frequently use hydraulic hose assemblies understandably tend to buy them in bulk, which allows them to have them on hand whenever needed and to use them in a wide range of applications. However, what many of these businesses fail to consider is that by using generic hoses for multiple situations, this could actually create the need for more frequent hose replacement. As such, it’s actually better to invest a bit more money initially to get custom hydraulic hoses that fit your specifications for individual applications, rather than trying to use generic hydraulic hoses in a “one size fits... View Article

How to Measure Pipe Fittings

July 7, 2021

Determining the sizes of pipes you need for your project can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you have not previously learned or researched how to measure pipe thread size or pipe fittings. It is understandable to assume the size of the pipe refers to its outer diameter. However, as with lumber, we have to consider “nominal” versus “actual” sizes. Pipe fittings must have inside diameters that are large enough to fit over the outside diameter of a pipe. Usually, a half-inch fitting will have an outside diameter of around 1.25 inches. Here’s a quick overview of what... View Article

Everything You Should Know About Globe Valves

June 17, 2021

To the uninformed, a valve is a valve, and a valve that’s used in one setting is just fine to use in another—but that’s far from the truth! We sell all sorts of different valves at Royal Brass Incorporated that are used for a variety of purposes in an array of industries. One of the most popular valves we offer are globe valves. But how do globe valves work in San Jose, CA? Continue reading to learn more about globe valves. What do they do? Globe valves are linear-motion valves designed to start, stop and regulate flow. However, they’re primarily... View Article

Swaging vs. Crimping: What Are the Differences?

June 3, 2021

Crimping and swaging are the two most common ways to combine sections of a hose. To accomplish this task, a crimping machine closes segment dies around the ferrule while reducing it to the necessary outer diameter (OD). While you may already know what crimping is, some folks may want to know what is swaging in San Jose, CA. In swaging, a machine reduces the OD of the ferrule by pushing a ferrule and a fitting through a fixed split die. Another major difference between the two processes is that crimping simultaneously changes the circumference and shape of the ferrule. As... View Article

What Is a Barbed Hose Fitting, and How Does It Work?

May 18, 2021

A barbed hose fitting is a tiny component that plays a big role in hosing and tubing systems. Everything from multimillion dollar industrial operations to the tubing on drink dispensers needs barbed hose fittings to function properly. Read on to learn more about barbed hose fittings, including brass barbed fittings, and how they’re best used for industrial applications in San Jose, CA. What is a barbed hose fitting? A barbed hose fitting is a component that makes a connection between tubing materials. The hose barbs themselves are essentially bumps and ridges on a fitting that grip the inside of a... View Article

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