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What Are Pipe Flanges, and How Do They Work?

January 13, 2021

What is a pipe flange? It is a connection bolt used to join pipes after welding in San Jose, CA. Flanged connections include pipe flanges, bolting and gaskets, which all work together to keep pipes and hoses in one piece. Pipe flanges are not all the same, and their design depends on their application. Here are seven common flange types and how they work: Threaded: A threaded flange is also known as a screw flange. It contains a thread inside that’s designed to fit with a matching thread on a fitting or pipe. Using this flange often allows you to... View Article

Tips for Using Flaring Tools for Copper Pipe and Tubing

December 28, 2020

Copper pipe and tubing are common materials with numerous applications. But what happens when a copper pipe or tube doesn’t securely fit into connections? With flaring tools in San Jose, CA, you can easily manipulate the size of a pipe’s or tube’s end. What are flaring and swaging tools? These are the tools used to flare out the end of copper pipes and tubing to snugly attach to fittings or other pipes or tubes. With these tools, create a flared or conical end to the pipe or tube. Flaring pipe is not the same as flaring tube, as the angles... View Article

Understanding Pressure Regulators: How They Work

December 14, 2020

Though there are pressure regulators on appliances throughout the standard home, many people don’t know what purpose these components serve. In industrial capacities, pressure regulators ensure the safe operation of vital pieces of equipment. So, if you’re wondering how an air pressure regulator works in San Jose, CA, read on to find the answer to your question. What does a pressure regulator do? Even though you’ve heard of pressure regulators, you still might not know what these devices do when connected to any type of machinery. Breaking down its name reveals most of what you need to know: they regulate... View Article

Do Brake Lines Need to Be Double Flared?

November 26, 2020

Are you working on your vehicle’s brake lines for the first time? If so, understanding what a flare is—let alone a double flare and whether your brake lines need them—is important to building a reliable, safe brake system. Read on to find out whether brake lines need to be double flared in San Jose, CA and the tools you’ll need to do the job. What kind of flares does a brake system use? A flared brake line simply means that the ends of the metal lines are stretched out so they can seamlessly fit with another section of metal line.... View Article

How Do I Know Which Hoses and Fittings Are Right When Replacing a Hydraulic Hose Assembly?

November 12, 2020

Your hydraulic system comes with hoses, and when it’s time to replace them, you must be sure to get the right one for your specific assembly. That means choosing the right hoses and fittings from hundreds of hose models and thousands of fittings. Things have become more complicated as manufacturers make hydraulic hose assemblies in San Jose, CA smaller, designed to fit into tight spaces. Here’s how to tell which hoses are right for your hose assembly: Look for the ID or dash size: Hoses are measured by the inside diameter (ID), also known as the dash size. The sizes... View Article

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