Tube Fabrication Equipment in San Jose, CA

Alongside our broad scope of hose crimping equipment and other specialty tools, we also have all of the equipment you need for custom tube fabrication in San Jose and Pacheco, CA. Buy the clamps, cutting, bending, flaring and forming tools you need from us, or give us your specifications and let us provide you with in-house tube fabrication services. We’ll help you get the ultimate convenience that comes with customized tubing, either by your hand or ours.

Tube Clamps

When you’re mounting tubing, you want to make sure it’s secure and totally connected at all times. The right tube clamps will ensure your install installation isn’t going anywhere and that your carefully laid tubing is ready to stand up to whatever your expectations are.

In addition to hard tube clamps, we also sell an array of hose clamps, to ensure your hosing application is properly secured.

Tube Cutters and Bending Tools

Fabricating tubing in-house? We’ll gladly supply you with tube cutters and bending tools that make your fabrication and customization work easier. Out cutting tools produce clean, deburred cuts to precision, while our bending tools allow you to shape everything from conduit to higher-grade tubing.

Not interested in cutting and bending tools, but still need tube services in San Jose, CA? Let us know! We’re able to provide customization services on-site at each of our convenient locations. We’ll bend and shape your tubing to spec while you wait.

Fabricate With Precision

Tube fabrication needs to be done accurately and precisely, with the right tools. Royal Brass Incorporated is committed to bringing you the right tools for the job, regardless of the nature of your tube fabrication projects. From clamps and cutting tools, to bending, flaring and forming equipment, to a variety of hoses, fittings, and gauges, trust us to outfit you with exactly what you need to fabricate at the highest level.
Reach us today at 408-297-6642 to let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll be happy to help you find it.

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