March 25, 2021

"5 star service!!!"
March 16, 2021

"So, I’m doing a LS conversion on my Gen 1 Camaro, I ran into a huge problem, in order to run my pulley system with this LS I needed a type 2 power steering pump “am I being to technical?” The factory PS pump that came with my car no longer fits so I had to use a late model pump, which means none of my hoses fit and they don’t exist. Here’s where Royal Brass comes in. After surfing the ol inter web and finding absolutely nothing, a friend of mine told me about Royal Brass and how they made a PS hose for him. Long story short I gave Royal Brass all the dimensions and told them which fittings I needed for all three hoses, one of them needed to sustain 1500 psi without bursting “Royal Brass’s reply was no problem our horses can al withstand up to 5000 psi!! “Saaaweet “ After a 15 minute conversation the employee behind the counter disappeared into the back room, about 20 min later out he came with my made to order professionally crimped power steering hoses!!! $173 for all 3 “trust me that’s a deal considering they don’t exist on this planet” I’m so happy to have a Business such as this near by. Customer service 5 stars, service 5 stars and price also 5 stars."
March 4, 2021

"Always a place where I can find fittings on car projects Pricing alittle high...but sometimes you end up spending more time searching other places....time is money too"
January 18, 2021

"Fast service"
December 11, 2020

Royal Brass Incorporated