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Royal Brass Celebrating 70 Years In Business!

April 25, 2022

Royal Brass Incorporated is a family-owned and operated local hydraulic hose supplier, serving San Jose, and the California area, since 1952. Associates are fully trained on all inventory items and brands, such as Parker Hannifin, Dixon, and others, to ensure that customers that come into contact with the company will be assisted swiftly by experienced and highly knowledgeable staff.  The company proudly offers an impressive selection of: Fittings Valves Regulators Flanges Adapters Gauges Hoses Core Values Over the years, Royal Brass Incorporated has established itself as a leader in the market. Management and staff consistently commit themselves to the core values... View Article

When Should I Inspect My Hydraulic Hose?

April 11, 2022

Hydraulic systems are often an ideal system used for manufacturing, energy production, automotive, and a variety of other purposes, as they are quite flexible and efficient. While hydraulic systems are built to last, they do require some maintenance and repairs along the way. One part of a hydraulic system that will need to be maintained on occasion is a hydraulic hose. Part of this process includes regular inspections from a professional. For those wondering, "How often should I have my hydraulic hose inspected?", there are various tips and suggestions that should be followed. Follow a Routine Maintenance Schedule One of... View Article

How Do I Identify the Proper Fittings for Hydraulic Hoses?

March 11, 2022

Hydraulic hoses are some of the most important components of hydraulic and pneumatic systems. They carry hydraulic fluid between different parts of the system. Hydraulic hoses are fairly complicated devices, as they contain several different components within them. The most important and most complex portion of a hydraulic hose is likely its fitting. Each hydraulic hose needs to connect to its respective hydraulic device, and the fitting is the connection point. To find the correct fitting, you’ll likely need to consult a hydraulic fitting size chart. Below we’ll offer some assistance in finding the proper fitting for your hydraulic hose.... View Article

How Do I Replace a Hydraulic Hose?

February 25, 2022

Hydraulic systems require fluid, and this fluid often needs to be transferred from one port to another. The ideal way to transport hydraulic fluid between components is with a hydraulic hose. Hydraulic hoses are intricate pieces of equipment that need to be strong enough to withstand harsh conditions, but flexible enough to bend around corners and fit into tight spaces. But like all equipment, hydraulic hoses have a finite shelf life. Eventually you’ll need to either repair your current hydraulic hose or buy a new one. Therefore, it’s valuable to know how to replace a hydraulic hose and how to... View Article

Does Hydraulic Hose Size Matter?

January 13, 2022

Size is everything when it comes to hydraulic hoses. This is because the hose size affects both the flow rate—the volume of hydraulic fluid produced by the pump—and flow velocity—the speed at which the fluid travels. A hose that’s either too small or too large for a hydraulic system creates inefficiency within the system, or could even lead to long-term damage. Because hydraulic hose sizes are such a necessary part of any hydraulic system, we’ve put together this post to help you better understand everything about hose sizing: Inner diameter: Also known as the ID, the inner diameter is the... View Article

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