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We Have Parker PFA and PTFE Products, So Call Us Today!

March 23, 2019

The creation of PFA and PTFE coatings and products changed the way many industries operate due to their flexibility, durability and versatility. Today, these materials are used in a wide variety of industrial and other applications, from laboratory and pharmaceuticals to food processing to power generation and waste incineration. If you’re in need of PFA or PTFE products for your industrial operations, there’s a good chance you’ll need a variety of things, including hoses, O-rings and Parker PFA fittings in San Jose, CA. In that case, you’ll want to stock your business with the best of the best from Parker... View Article

A Guide to Buying New Tube Fittings in San Jose, CA

December 24, 2018

When you need new tube fittings, the wide selection of products from various brands can be overwhelming. Selecting the right tube fittings in San Jose, CA is incredibly important, but it can be difficult to narrow down all of your options and find the components that are right for you. The good news is that you can select the perfect fittings for your needs by following a few simple product selection tips: Determine your tubing type first: You have to plan ahead to ensure that your tubing is compatible with your tube fittings. It’s best to identify your tubing first... View Article

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