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Differences Between Manual and Electronic Hydraulic Valves

October 13, 2023

Hydraulic valves are essential components in various industrial applications, providing control and regulation of fluid flow within hydraulic systems. When it comes to hydraulic valves, there are two main types: manual and electronic. In this blog post, we will explore the key differences between manual and electronic hydraulic valves, helping you understand which type may be the most suitable for your specific needs. Understanding Manual Hydraulic Valves: Manual hydraulic valves are operated by physical force, typically through the use of a lever or knob. These valves require direct human intervention to control the flow of hydraulic fluid. Manual valves offer... View Article

Electronic vs. Hydraulic Pressure Relief in Valve Testing

June 2, 2023

Electronic vs. Hydraulic Pressure Relief in Valve Testing Pressure relief plays an essential role in valve testing, ensuring that valves can handle the pressure they are designed for. When it comes to pressure relief testing, there are two main methods: electronic and hydraulic. Understanding the differences between these two methods can help you choose the best option for your valve testing needs. Electronic Pressure Relief Testing Electronic pressure relief testing uses specialized instrumentation to measure pressure and flow rates. During testing, the instrument collects real-time data, providing a detailed analysis of the valve’s performance under various conditions. Electronic pressure relief... View Article

Everything You Should Know About Globe Valves

June 17, 2021

To the uninformed, a valve is a valve, and a valve that’s used in one setting is just fine to use in another—but that’s far from the truth! We sell all sorts of different valves at Royal Brass Incorporated that are used for a variety of purposes in an array of industries. One of the most popular valves we offer are globe valves. But how do globe valves work in San Jose, CA? Continue reading to learn more about globe valves. What do they do? Globe valves are linear-motion valves designed to start, stop and regulate flow. However, they’re primarily... View Article

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