We Have Parker PFA and PTFE Products, So Call Us Today!

We Have Parker PFA and PTFE Products, So Call Us Today!

March 23, 2019

The creation of PFA and PTFE coatings and products changed the way many industries operate due to their flexibility, durability and versatility. Today, these materials are used in a wide variety of industrial and other applications, from laboratory and pharmaceuticals to food processing to power generation and waste incineration.

If you’re in need of PFA or PTFE products for your industrial operations, there’s a good chance you’ll need a variety of things, including hoses, O-rings and Parker PFA fittings in San Jose, CA. In that case, you’ll want to stock your business with the best of the best from Parker Hannifin, one of the industry leaders in PFA/PTFE manufacturing.

What are PFA and PTFE?

PFA and PTFE are staples in so many industries, but sometimes people get confused on what they are and which type they need. To break it down, PFA and PTFE are both fluoropolymers that offer very similar benefits and are used in similar applications. They are both flexible, durable and non-reactive, which makes them great for use near corrosive chemicals.

Perfluoroalkoxy alkane, or PFA, is probably best known for its superior flexion strength. PFA is more flexible than PTFE, making it the top choice for flexible tubing and hoses. Products made of PFA material are some of the most versatile and widely-used across many industries.

PFA is also water resistant, performs well in a variety of temperatures and is non-reactive. PFA tubing and fittings are commonly used for corrosive substances and handling critical procedures. Generally, PFA products are transparent and don’t lose that transparency over time.

Meanwhile, polytetrafluoroethylene, or PTFE, is also quite durable and flexible and used for many of the same applications as PFA. However, PTFE is hydrophobic and thus resistant to sticking by water and other materials, making it more durable in some respects. Similar to PFA, PTFE is non-reactive. It is also heat resistant and has a low friction coefficient with solids.

What are PFA/PTFE products used for?

PFA and PTFE can be used in a lot of different applications; in fact, you probably know of PTFE from its more common household name, Teflon®. Both substances can be used in coatings for surfaces and products. PFA is typically used in many lab applications, as well.

In the industrial sector, both PFA and PTFE materials themselves are used to create many different types of parts, including hoses and piping, fittings and couplings, O-rings, seals, regulators and valves.

Come to Royal Brass Incorporated and browse our wide selection of PFA/PTFE products!

When you are in need of PTFE hoses or Parker PFA fittings in San Jose, CA, stop by Royal Brass Incorporated. Our store carries an extensive inventory of hoses, fittings, flanges, regulators, valves, adapters and gauges, all from reliable industry names like Parker Hannifin and Dixon.

We’ve served customers since 1952 and will be more than happy to help you find the right PFA/PTFE hoses and fittings for your industry. Our staff is well-trained and knowledgeable about our entire stock, so you can trust that you’ve been pointed in the right direction whenever you need a part. Call us today!

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