Tips for Installing Your Rubber O-Rings in San Jose, CA

Tips for Installing Your Rubber O-Rings in San Jose, CA

April 12, 2019

By properly installing your rubber O-rings in San Jose, CA, you can guarantee a better fit and sealing, which will go a long way toward more reliable performance and the prevention of future maintenance issues. Excellent installation means excellent durability and functionality over a long period of time.

As you install a new O-ring into a male gland, it’s important to make sure the O-ring glides along the shaft. Once it reaches the gland, it should snap into place. This may sound like a simple process, but it’s a bit more sophisticated than what you might expect. Here are some steps you should make sure you follow to ensure you to not either tear or damage the O-ring:

  • Protect the threads: The shaft on which you slide the O-ring will feature threading that could potentially tear apart the rubber seal. Therefore, if you cover and lubricate those threads, it will make it much easier for the O-ring to pass along. Simply using some masking tape should be sufficient protection, but extra lubrication can help.
  • Be patient: There’s no rush to get the O-ring installed. Avoid trying to force the O-ring over sharp corners or pushing it too quickly along the shaft. Any sharp or jagged features you come across while doing this will be much more likely to tear the O-ring if you’re trying to force it or trying to do it as quickly as possible. Sometimes you might not even notice the tear until the job is done and it’s too late.
  • Even stretching: As you stretch the O-ring around the shaft, make sure that you are careful with how you stretch it so you do not rip or damage it. You should focus on stretching it as evenly as possible, and never pull from just one side. Minimizing the stretching is the best course of action, because this will ensure a tighter grip and better overall security, but some small amount of stretching may be necessary in some cases, and thus it is important to do that stretching evenly.
  • Sliding, not rolling: As you install the O-ring, you should never roll it down the shaft. It should instead slide down. If you roll or spiral your O-ring, this will prevent it from being properly installed and could result in it being significantly damaged, or at bare minimum will mean it won’t function properly. If you want to make sure the O-ring doesn’t roll, you can add a bit of lubricant to help it slide more easily.
  • Installing the female component: Make sure you place the female component in a way that gives it a radius around the corner, with the lead inside the chamfer. This will ensure the O-ring’s safety.

For more tips and information about installing rubber O-rings in San Jose, CA, we encourage you to contact the team at Royal Brass Incorporated today. We’re proud to stock a huge variety of O-rings and seals, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have for us.

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