The Benefits of Using Parker Brass Adapters in San Jose, CA

The Benefits of Using Parker Brass Adapters in San Jose, CA

June 13, 2019

There are many different types of fittings available for hydraulic hoses and machinery, and among them, brass is one of the most popular. Royal Brass Incorporated is pleased to be a dealer of Parker brass adapters in San Jose, CA and other types of Parker brass hydraulic fittings.

What exactly is it that makes brass such an ideal material for these applications? Here is just a small sample of some of the biggest benefits associated with the use of brass fittings:

  • Durability: Brass is an extremely durable material, which makes it ideal for use in all different types of settings, from hydraulics to mechanics to plumbing and more. Once they’ve been installed, you can expect the fittings to remain in good condition with little maintenance needed for at least several years. They will not disintegrate or crack, and while it’s not necessarily important for hydraulic applications, they are attractive as well.
  • Withstand high temperatures: Depending on the type of hydraulic system you’re operating, it can be beneficial to have fittings that hold up to high temperatures. Brass fittings are designed to be able to withstand a significant amount of heat. In fact, as a material, brass has excellent ductility in heat and is fire resistant. In many cases, buildings that have been ravaged by fires will still see their brass fittings survive. That should tell you something about just how durable a material brass is and why the industrial sector relies on brass parts in mass quantities.
  • Anti-corrosive properties: Brass is highly resistant to corrosion, more so than many other types of metal fittings. When working with hydraulics, it’s good to have anti-corrosive properties in place. This is just one more way you can ensure smooth operation and avoid having to replace parts due to them rusting and wearing out.
  • Malleability: Brass is a much more malleable material than either iron or steel, meaning it’s much easier to shape to your desired purpose than other types of metals. You can fit it into various bends and molds, which makes it very flexible with its usage in industrial and plumbing applications. Because the material is so flexible, that also makes maintenance work a whole lot easier in many circumstances. Despite this malleability, the material remains extremely durable.
  • Versatility: We touched a bit already on the versatility of brass fittings, which gives them an edge over other types of metal fittings. You can find brass fittings in just about any size, width or shape you need, and you can use them to alter the size of hoses or pipes you currently have in place, which can make it easier to get through installations and modifications of your hydraulic systems.

These are just a few examples of some of the biggest benefits associated with the use of brass for your hydraulic fixtures. If you’re interested in learning more about our various Parker brass adapters in San Jose, CA, we encourage you to contact the team at Royal Brass Incorporated today. We look forward to assisting you!

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