We Make Custom Auto Brake Hoses in House!

We Make Custom Auto Brake Hoses in House!

September 11, 2020

Whether you restored a classic car or customized a modern vehicle, it can often be difficult to find replacement parts. This includes custom brake hoses. The automotive world is unfortunately never one-size-fits-all, and without a source for custom brake lines in San Jose, CA, your project may become a road hazard. Here are five advantages of our custom brake hoses and why they will work for you:

  • Created while you wait: The days of waiting weeks for customs are over. Using BrakeQuip, our system produces nearly any brake hose or other custom setup within hours. Just bring in the old hose and we will replicate while you run other errands or wait at our shop. This can be much quicker than searching desperately online or hoping that eBay auction was legitimate. You can visit, request a custom hose and know that it will meet or exceed your standards.
  • Meets requirements: Hydraulic brake and clutch hoses are fully DOT compliant and tested. Any vehicle that uses hydraulic brakes will benefit from our hoses, and you will not have to worry about failure or shoddy quality. If there are concerns about quality, just make another visit or call us and we will make it right.
  • Color options available: If brake lines are where they can be seen, add a bit of pop with color. You can choose any color combination to match your car or help it stand out at the next custom car show. This option is included with any braided steel brake or clutch line.
  • Keeps your customized vehicle truly customized: It can be disappointing to put all that work into customizing your vehicle, only to have a part fail. Most brake and clutch hoses and lines are customized for the changes you ordered, and it can be expensive or impossible to replace parts when they wear out. This either requires you to attempt to make something else work (which can fail) or change your customizations. However, if you can have a hose design made to order, you can replace parts as you would with any other car. You can continue to enjoy customization without the added work and worry about replacing parts.
  • Maintains classic cars: Your classic car is unlikely to be your daily roadster, but eventually, it will also wear out—especially if you used original parts. Unfortunately, the brake lines and hoses may now be obsolete, and you must rely on internet retailers, classic car connections or even junkyards to find a replacement. This can become extra time consuming, and it may take weeks before your vehicle is drivable again. Rather than set off on a long and disappointing search, bring your used hose to us and we will duplicate it while you wait.

Royal Brass Incorporated now offers custom brake lines and custom brake hoses in San Jose, CA. If our inventory does not have the vehicle hose you need, we can create it! Call or visit today to get started on these essential custom auto parts.

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