Need Custom Hoses? We've Got You Covered

Need Custom Hoses? We’ve Got You Covered

April 21, 2021

Did you know that Royal Brass Incorporated can help with all your custom hydraulic hose needs in San Jose, CA? When you have a business that works with hydraulic machinery, you’ve probably found it’s best to buy your hoses in bulk. That saves you the time and trouble of finding new ones when an old hose cracks or breaks. There’s no need to suffer from company downtime when you get your custom hoses from us. Instead of trying to make generic hoses fit the job, rely on Royal Brass Incorporated to get a supply of perfectly fitted hoses for your exact machines.

Why would I need a custom hose?

Here are the reasons you should consider custom hoses:

  • Get a better fit: When hydraulic hoses don’t fit properly, they can be dangerous to you and your employees. Custom hydraulic hoses offer the opportunity to get exactly the type of hydraulic hose and assembly you need, so there’s less chance of breakage and leaks while in operation. That’s not only good for safety, but it’s also good for your business’s bottom line.
  • Replace hoses quickly: It can be a challenge to find a generic hose that works with your specific machinery. That runs the risk of damage and injury, as noted above, but it also makes it harder to find a hose that meets your needs. When you buy custom hoses in bulk, you can easily repair your machinery and save time looking for the right fit.
  • Get longer-lasting hoses: Another benefit to getting custom hoses is that they’ll last longer. Not only will they work perfectly with your equipment, but they’ll also be of a higher quality than any generic hose. When things work properly, they tend to last longer—you won’t be putting any undue pressure on an ill-fitting hose, which means less damage overall.

Get custom hoses in San Jose, CA

Royal Brass Incorporated is happy to create custom hose assemblies in just about any material, size and length. We offer a range from ½” to 5” hoses, which are suitable for a variety of applications. Our hoses handle everything from coolant to food and beverages.

When you call or stop by, our experienced staff will be happy to help you select the right material, size and fittings for your custom hoses. Our team will ensure that your custom hoses meet all safety, state and federal regulations—and more importantly, that you get a quality set of hoses for your equipment. Once we have your specifications, we’ll give you a pricing estimate and create your custom hoses. All you have to do after that is pick them up.

In addition to custom hoses, we also offer a number of valves and fittings. Our company works with Parker Hannifin and other highly-regarded manufacturers to ensure you get the quality products you need.

Not sure what you’re looking for or what’s the best tool for the job? We can help when you call us today. Find the custom hoses you need in San Jose, CA when you work with Royal Brass Incorporated.

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