Everything You Should Know About Globe Valves

Everything You Should Know About Globe Valves

June 17, 2021

To the uninformed, a valve is a valve, and a valve that’s used in one setting is just fine to use in another—but that’s far from the truth! We sell all sorts of different valves at Royal Brass Incorporated that are used for a variety of purposes in an array of industries.

One of the most popular valves we offer are globe valves. But how do globe valves work in San Jose, CA? Continue reading to learn more about globe valves.

What do they do?

Globe valves are linear-motion valves designed to start, stop and regulate flow. However, they’re primarily used to regulate flow when the valve is partially open. The valve is made of a movable disc and a stationary ring seat. As the name suggests, the valve gets its name from the globular shape of the valve body.

There are three primary body designs for globe valves: tee patterns, angle patterns and wye patterns. The body design of the chosen valve mostly depends on the flow requirements of the fluid or steam in the system.

How do globe valves work?

Globe valves in San Jose, CA are fairly simple to operate. When the handle of the valve is turned, the disc is lowered or raised by the valve stem. When the disc is fully lowered, the fluid flow is fully stopped. When the disc is fully raised, the flow is at maximum capacity.

The valves can either be controlled manually or via an actuator, depending on the size of the facility and the size of equipment the valve is operating.

What are the advantages of globe valves?

We wouldn’t sell so many globe valves in San Jose, CA if they didn’t have so many advantages! Here are a few reasons businesses use globe valves in their piping systems:

  • Good shutoff capability: When it comes to completely stopping the flow of a fluid or gas, globe valves are superior to many other valve types. While they’re easy to shut off manually, it’s super simple when the valves are connected to an actuator.
  • Short stem travel: Part of the reason globe valves are easy to shut off or open up is that they have a short stem. Compared to gate valves, the stem is much shorter, so only a few turns are required to open or close the valve.
  • Low maintenance: The discs and seats of globe valves don’t require a ton of upkeep, but when they do need replacement, it’s super easy. Discs and seats can be refurbished or replaced in no time at all.

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With fair prices and a wide inventory, Royal Brass Incorporated is the go-to choice for anyone looking for valves—whether you need a globe, angle, ball, butterfly or any other type of valve. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our products or to find out more about how globe valves work in San Jose, CA. We look forward to working with you soon!

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