Troubleshooting Hydraulic Hose Leaks

Troubleshooting Hydraulic Hose Leaks

August 16, 2021

If you’re experiencing a hydraulic hose leak, you may wonder if you need a hydraulic pipe repair kit. Could there be a pinhole in the hydraulic hose or other problems that you can’t detect? Use the following troubleshooting tips to determine the issue and identify a solution:

  • Check your fitting: Most often, if a hydraulic hose is leaking, it is not because the hose itself is defective. Instead, it is likely that the wrong type of fitting has been used for the hose. Check to see what type of fitting is recommended for your hose, then contact your local hose supplier to obtain the correct component that will prevent leaks.
  • Check the installation: It’s possible that you have the correct components, but something has been installed incorrectly. Double check the manufacturer’s instructions for hose and fitting installation to see if any correction needs to be made.
  • Check for damage: Examine the threads and O-rings. If an O-ring is missing or damaged, or if the threads on the seal are damaged, these defects can cause a leak. Purchase the appropriate hydraulic pipe repair kit to make any necessary repairs.
  • Check for slack: In order for a hydraulic hose to operate correctly, there must be sufficient slack in the hose. Avoid over-stretching your hydraulic hose to prevent leaks. When a hose is too short, it does not have the length it needs to contract and expand to adjust to the pressure changes. This will eventually put a strain on the components and cause the hose to leak.
  • Check for debris: A dirty hydraulic hose may not operate optimally. If your hose is leaking, it may need to be cleaned rather than replaced. Check to see if it is dirty before purchasing a hydraulic pipe repair kit. Before installing any fittings, clean all hose assemblies using a flushing method or high-pressure projectiles.
  • Check the support: Appropriate clamps and supports must be installed to protect the hydraulic hose. These supports control the vibrations and alleviate stress on the fittings and hose. Consult with your local hydraulic hose experts to determine what kind of support system your hose needs in order to avoid leaks.
  • Check with an expert: If you are unsure whether there is a pinhole in the hydraulic hose, you can contact a professional who specializes in hydraulic hoses and hydraulic pipe repair kits. This expert can help you determine the cause of the leak and what next steps are best to stop the leak and prevent future problems.

Your troubleshooting experts

Royal Brass Incorporated has been the area’s go-to hydraulic hose experts since 1952. If you are experiencing any issues with your hydraulic hose system, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We can help you troubleshoot the issue and supply the perfect hydraulic hose repair kit for your system. We pride ourselves in having the most extensive inventory in northern California and ensure we can fix most products on site the same day. Reach us today at 925-682-5200 to get started on your troubleshooting and repairs.

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