How Do I Replace a Hydraulic Hose?

How Do I Replace a Hydraulic Hose?

February 25, 2022

Hydraulic systems require fluid, and this fluid often needs to be transferred from one port to another. The ideal way to transport hydraulic fluid between components is with a hydraulic hose.

Hydraulic hoses are intricate pieces of equipment that need to be strong enough to withstand harsh conditions, but flexible enough to bend around corners and fit into tight spaces.

But like all equipment, hydraulic hoses have a finite shelf life. Eventually you’ll need to either repair your current hydraulic hose or buy a new one. Therefore, it’s valuable to know how to replace a hydraulic hose and how to fix a hydraulic hose. Below we’ll cover how to replace one.

Put on personal protective equipment

Before you do anything, it’s strongly recommended that you take extensive safety precautions. This means you should be wearing protective eyewear and leather gloves. Long pants and sleeves are a good choice as well, as hydraulic fluid can cause severe damage to your skin if it comes in contact with it. Do keep in mind that hydraulic fluid is often pressurized, and you should take great care when removing the hoses.

Determine the problematic hose

Next, you should turn off all the equipment and check for leaks. Do not use your hands or other body parts to check for leaks in the hydraulic hose. You should use paper, cardboard or a leak detection kit to figure out which hose needs to be replaced.

Perform a live load safety check

The last thing you want is to disconnect a hydraulic hose that contains a live load. This could cause pressurized fluid to shoot out, causing potential injury and site contamination. Make sure the hose you’re removing doesn’t have a live load.

Take notes when disassembling

A hydraulic hose is a very intricate piece of equipment with many small parts involved in its function. When taking it apart, note the order of operations and where each component was located to make sure you can easily put it back together.

Remove the hose

Before you take off the damaged hose, make sure you have all the requisite tools that you’ll need. Two wrenches will likely be required, in addition to other tools that should be listed in the manufacturer’s guide. With care, unscrew the necessary parts to remove the hose. Both ends should be loosened before you pull on them to remove the hose. Cover the components to prevent debris contamination and use a bucket to catch any fluid that may leak out.

Reassemble the hose with manufacturer’s parts

Before you begin reassembly, clean the exterior components on the hydraulic system to prevent debris from entering it. Then, use original replacement parts from the manufacturer and delicately reconstruct the hose. Use your notes from earlier to put the pieces on in the correct order and tighten the fittings as you go. Everything should be tightened up by the end. Finish by checking your fluid levels and flushing out any trapped air bubbles within the system.

Call about your hydraulic hose replacement today

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