What Causes Pressure Regulators to Fail?

What Causes Pressure Regulators to Fail?

February 3, 2022

A pressure regulator is essential to maintain appropriate water pressure in your home. The water pressure regulator valve indicates the current pressure and how well the regulator is working to maintain that pressure.

Sometimes these pressure regulators fail. Understanding how and why they fail can help you avoid issues with your pressure regulator and keep your family safe from pressure-related problems.

Where is the pressure regulator?

Not every home has a pressure regulator, but most modern homes do. If you locate the main shutoff valve on your main water line, you should find the pressure regulator. This will look like a standard water pressure regulator valve. If you are unable to locate your pressure regulator, contact a professional for assistance.

What are the signs that my pressure regulator has failed?

If your pressure regulator has failed, you’ll know it right away. The water pressure in your faucets will be either too high or low. You will not be able to maintain a steady, healthy pressure at your sinks, showers or tubs.

You can also check your water pressure regularly to monitor for issues. Use a gauge that you can attach to a sink to easily check the pressure. If you notice a significant change, you probably have an issue with your pressure regulator.

What are the most common reasons a pressure regulator fails?

The most common reason for pressure regulator failure is age. Over time, the regulator experiences stress from pressure fluctuations. It also experiences decay. Eventually, the part wears out, and it must be replaced.

Another common cause of pressure regulator repair is rust. Exposure to moisture can cause the components to rust over time. Eventually, the rusting becomes so severe that the part can no longer function properly.

Excessive pressure can also cause the pressure regulator to fail. To avoid this issue, be sure to monitor your systems and keep the pressure settings at a healthy level.

When a connector part fails, this can also cause the pressure regulator to fail. If a component such as a washer, nut or bolt fails, you will probably need to repair your pressure regulator.

Who should I contact if my pressure regulator fails?

If you have concerns about your pressure regulator or need a new water pressure regulator valve, contact a professional who specializes in valves and gauges. This expert can complete an inspection of your pressure regulator, determine the issue and cause and provide any necessary repairs or replacement.

Look for a company that is experienced and has an established reputation in the industry. Check references and read reviews to ensure you can expect a positive customer experience.

Have more questions?

If you have more questions about pressure regulators or related issues, feel free to reach out to the experts at Royal Brass Incorporated. We’ve been providing quality hoses, valves, gauges and more since 1952. We can answer your questions or schedule a service call. Our experienced technicians can fix most products on-site the same day. Reach us today at 408-297-6642.

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