5 Important Factors When Choosing Hydraulic Fittings

5 Important Factors When Choosing Hydraulic Fittings

December 23, 2022

You might need hydraulic fittings for various projects like plumbing repairs, automotive jobs, or HVAC projects. One of the most vital factors when doing such work is to choose the right fittings. The following is some information on the factors you’ll need to consider before selecting hydraulic fittings for the work you need to do. 

What Are Hydraulic Fittings?

Hydraulic fittings are usually small parts that connect to or go around pipes, hoses, tubes, and other structures. Their purpose is to seal an item so that it doesn’t leak or create a barrier so that water and liquids can’t penetrate a pipe.

You will need them for many projects involving any type of liquid flow. Hydraulic fittings come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and strengths. Therefore, you will have a vast selection to choose from if you use a reputable provider. 

What To Consider Before Choosing Hydraulic Hose Fittings

You will need to consider numerous factors before you choose hydraulic fittings for your project. These are the factors you’ll need to think about before making such a choice:

1. Sizing

The first thing you’ll have to consider is the size of the fitting. You’ll need to measure the parts you need to put together if you want to know the correct size fitting to buy. Once you know what size hydraulic AN fittings you need, the rest of the process will be easy. 

2. How You’ll Use the Fitting

Next, you need to think of how you want to use the fitting. Some fittings are only for closing something off and not necessarily sealing it. Thus, there are different types you can choose from.

3. The Style of Fitting You Need

Style is another important factor to look at when choosing fittings. Certain styles can achieve more than others and might be better suited for a project. For example, bite-type fittings can withstand a high amount of pressure.

Thus, they might be best for a bathroom project where the water pressure is high. Mechanical grip fittings have a high level of resistance and can easily be disassembled and reassembled with no damage. 

4. The Materials Used

You will also need to know what materials you need to use for your fittings. Most are metal, but some have a plastic texture you might be interested in.

5. The Price

Price is always a factor, no matter what type of project you do. You’ll want to stay within your budget while ensuring that you purchase a high-quality product. Your experience will be golden if you can do that. 

Who To Call for Hydraulic Fittings

You don’t have to choose your hydraulic fittings blindly. You can contact Royal Brass Incorporated about any questions, concerns, or parts. We have been selling hoses, fittings, and similar items for over 50 years.

Thus, you can feel confident calling by telephone or completing an online form. We can help you choose what you need for the best project result. 

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