5 Handy Tips for Preventing Hydraulic Hose Failure

5 Handy Tips for Preventing Hydraulic Hose Failure

January 20, 2023

Hydraulic hoses are integral in ensuring the smooth flow of hydraulic liquid within machinery. A hydraulic hose burst is costly and can stall significant projects, thus hindering productivity and, at times, safety. While hydraulic hose failure can happen to any organization, the good news is they are avoidable.

Here Are Five Ways To Prevent Hydraulic Hose Failure

#1 Use the correct fluid

Using the incorrect fluid can be very risky in hydraulics because it tends to cause deterioration of hose assembly parts and promote swelling of the hoses. Often, the temperature changes when the wrong fluid is used, which spirals into a domino effect of failed functioning.

#2 Take Note of the Hose Bend Radius

It’s very important to bear the hose bend radius in mind when using hydraulic machinery. If the hose bends beyond what it should, it can lead to faster wear and tear and a possible hydraulic hose burst.

#3 Pollution and Malfunctioning Due to Incorrect Assembly

Using a trusted company to maintain and repair any hydraulic hoses and components is crucial. When parts are incorrectly installed or assembled, it can cause a hose to burst and shut down operations. Cleaning hydraulic hoses after cutting them for installation is essential for preventing machinery pollution and its mechanisms. An experienced company takes all the proper protocols in mind to maintain the smooth functioning of the hoses and machinery.

#4 Wear and Tear Is a Number One Problem

Everything goes through wear and tear, but hydraulic hoses can malfunction machinery terribly if the damage goes too far. Regularly checking for wear and tear, eliminating friction, and replacing of such hoses are critical.

#5 Watch for Corrosion

Corrosion can happen to all hydraulic-operated machinery. Limiting corrosion is important to keep in mind when avoiding hydraulic hose failure. Often, incorrect fluids contain abrasive bits that contribute to diminishing the hose and, inevitably, leakage of fluid. Concentrated high-speed fluid is one of the leading causes of corrosion inside the hydraulic pipe.

Furthermore, storing the hydraulic hose correctly is another critical aspect in preventing hose failure. There shouldn’t be any weight on the hose, and the temperature must be enough to allow the hose to function during colder, snowy weather and extreme sunshine.

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