How Do I Choose the Right Hydraulic Pump?

How Do I Choose the Right Hydraulic Pump?

February 3, 2023

Hydraulic pumps are essential in many types of machinery and devices, such as aircraft components, gas pumps, forklifts, chairs (bar stools, dentist chairs, etc.), and cars, to name a few. Choosing a hydraulic pump is vital for the machine or item to function correctly.

What Are the Benefits of Hydraulic Pumps?

Hydraulic pumps are beneficial since it helps with smooth, controlled movement and ease of flow. It reduces potential damage by only using the required force on delicate components or structures in packing.

Furthermore, hydraulic pumps are also beneficial because they help reduce the cost of maintenance. While you must maintain the components of hydraulic machinery when used correctly and serviced regularly, machines tend to function for a long time. Hydraulic pumps also operate more efficiently and cost-effectively than pneumatic systems.

Choosing a Hydraulic Pump – What To Look For?

The hydraulic pumps needed depends on the function required. Each has unique capabilities like the following:

Piston pumps

  • Control hydraulic cylinders for high loads
  • Used in water jet-cutting machinery
  • Used inside mobile and construction equipment

Rotary-vane pumps

  • Espresso coffee machines
  • Carbonator machines
  • Construction Equipment

Internal gear pumps

  • Used in non-moving hydraulic machines
  • Sometimes used for machinery in compact spaces

External gear pumps

  • Used in hydraulic machinery that pumps fluid
  • It can also be used in elevators.

Choosing a Hydraulic Gear Pump

When it comes to choosing a hydraulic gear pump, you’ll need to consider the following:

  • Work pressure required from the machine
  • Hydraulic cylinder displacement oil volume
  • Torque of the hydraulic pump
  • The speed required by the hydraulic gear pump
  • The rate of oil flow required

What function will the pump serve?

  • Will you need a quiet pump or a high-powered pump
  • Do you need high-pressure gear?
  • Will it power a motor vehicle?

What is the maximum pressure required?

  • 2000PSI
  • 3000PSI

What size pump is required?

  • Consider the flow rate and viscosity of the pump.

Consider the type of fluids to use with the hydraulic pump

  • Hydraulic oil is often used in hydraulic pumps
  • There are also water-based liquids
  • Synthetic liquid

Remember that the liquid used will affect how the pump operates, such as temperature control, the speeds at which the pump should function, power abilities, and sludge or fluid leakage. It’s essential to select the most suitable liquid for your hydraulic pump and its application. 

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