Do Brake Lines Need to Be Double Flared?

Do Brake Lines Need to Be Double Flared?

November 26, 2020

Are you working on your vehicle’s brake lines for the first time? If so, understanding what a flare is—let alone a double flare and whether your brake lines need them—is important to building a reliable, safe brake system. Read on to find out whether brake lines need to be double flared in San Jose, CA and the tools you’ll need to do the job.

What kind of flares does a brake system use?

A flared brake line simply means that the ends of the metal lines are stretched out so they can seamlessly fit with another section of metal line. The idea is to make sure there aren’t any breaks between the lines that would lead to leaks or broken lines.

Your brake flares provide a leak-proof connection between the hoses and fittings, without any need for a sealant. All brake lines need to be double flared, due to the high hydraulic pressure. If your brakes leak or the hoses crack, it could prove to be fatal. Single flared lines are suitable for low-pressure lines in other applications, but not your vehicle’s brakes. For example, your vehicle manufacturer may use them in fuel and coolant lines, since they’re cheaper than double flared lines. It also wouldn’t be quite as dangerous for those lines to break. They’re not under the same amount of pressure. Double flared lines, on the other hand, help reduce friction at the flares, which can cause cracking or leaks.

You’ll see double flared lines in automotive brakes, usually in American and Asian models. European vehicles use bubble flared lines, which are similar in safety for high pressure hydraulic lines.

If you see single flares on your brake system, replace them right away with double flared lines. While other parts of your car may use single flares, your brake system should never use anything but double or bubble flared lines. Furthermore, the law requires you to use only double flared lines. If you’re in a fatal accident and the Department of Transportation finds your single flared lines were responsible, you could be charged with manslaughter. Whether you’re a mechanic or are working on your own vehicle in your spare time, it’s not worth the risk of using single flares.

What is a brake flaring tool?

Brake line flaring tools allow even hobbyist mechanics in San Jose, CA to create a double flare on the end of their brake lines. They’re relatively easy to come by, available in automotive shops and through companies like Royal Brass Incorporated. The most important thing is that you understand how to use the brake line flaring tool, as any mistakes in this area could be deadly. Don’t work on your brakes until you’re positive that you know how to operate the tool properly.

If you need help finding brake flaring tools in San Jose, CA, stop by or call the staff at Royal Brass Incorporated. We’re proud to be a third-generation, family-owned hose supplier serving clients since 1952, and we look forward to assisting you soon!

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