The Benefits of Using Custom Hydraulic Hoses

The Benefits of Using Custom Hydraulic Hoses

July 21, 2021

Businesses that frequently use hydraulic hose assemblies understandably tend to buy them in bulk, which allows them to have them on hand whenever needed and to use them in a wide range of applications. However, what many of these businesses fail to consider is that by using generic hoses for multiple situations, this could actually create the need for more frequent hose replacement.

As such, it’s actually better to invest a bit more money initially to get custom hydraulic hoses that fit your specifications for individual applications, rather than trying to use generic hydraulic hoses in a “one size fits all” manner.

Here are just a few examples of some of the benefits of using custom-made hydraulic hoses in this way, rather than going with the cheaper generic ones:

  • Better fit: When you have hoses that are designed specifically for the application in which they will be used, you can be certain you’ll get a better fit, and thus a better connection. If you try to use generic hoses for a wide range of purposes, it’s not as likely they’ll fit properly, which could make leaks of hydraulic fluid much more likely and potentially cause a dangerous situation, or at the very least an expensive problem.
  • Faster replacement: It’s a lot easier to replace your hoses faster when the time comes if the hose has been custom-designed for the application at hand. Because it was designed to work with the equipment, everything will match and connect properly without you having to take extra time to tweak the connection and wrench it in place. Changes become much more efficient and less of a hassle, allowing you to increase productivity.
  • Better quality: Generic hoses are mass-manufactured and aren’t as likely to use the same quality of materials or design. In addition, when those hoses are used in a variety of different applications, it’s a sure bet they will wear out faster than hoses that are only used for their designed purpose. Because custom-designed hydraulic hoses fit better, they don’t have to be bent, twisted or pulled in such a way that will make them fit. The result is longer-lasting, better-quality hoses that will be an excellent investment and able to stand the test of time in your facility.
  • Support local industry: Sure, you could get mass-produced generic hoses in bulk for a cheaper price per unit. But beyond this simply being a poor investment in terms of quality, it also fails to take into account one of the other benefits of going custom: the ability to support local businesses. Custom hydraulic hose manufacturers are often locally based, and you can support these companies in your local area by allowing them to design and manufacturer the hoses you need to your exact specifications.

For more information about the various benefits of using custom hydraulic hoses versus generic brand alternatives, we encourage you to contact Royal Brass Incorporated, your go-to source for hydraulic fittings, hoses and equipment. We look forward to answering any questions you have.

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