Does Hydraulic Hose Size Matter?

Does Hydraulic Hose Size Matter?

January 13, 2022

Size is everything when it comes to hydraulic hoses. This is because the hose size affects both the flow rate—the volume of hydraulic fluid produced by the pump—and flow velocity—the speed at which the fluid travels. A hose that’s either too small or too large for a hydraulic system creates inefficiency within the system, or could even lead to long-term damage.

Because hydraulic hose sizes are such a necessary part of any hydraulic system, we’ve put together this post to help you better understand everything about hose sizing:

  • Inner diameter: Also known as the ID, the inner diameter is the span of the empty space in a circular hose cross-section. A hose with an oversized ID will result in sluggish performance, while an ID that’s too narrow causes excessive pressure drops, leaks or even system damage.
  • Outer diameter: The outer diameter, or OD, measures the entire span of the hose from wall to wall. The difference between the OD and the ID is as simple as the thickness of the hose wall. Although we measure hydraulic hose sizes by their ID, the OD is important for sizing the fittings and other system components.
  • Hose length: The length of your hydraulic hose is its maximum reach between end points. Increasing the length increases the pressure drop in the system because length is a function of head loss due to friction.

Understanding dash size

You’ll see dash size when viewing a hydraulic fitting size chart. This number refers to an ID of a hydraulic hose fitting in 1/16” increments. Because hoses are measured by their ID and not the OD—like a tube—the dash number is essential. Thankfully, they’re easy to read! For example, a hose with a dash number of -6 indicates that it is 6/16” (or 3/8”) in diameter.

Determining dash size for your hydraulic application

Talking to a professional about hydraulic hose sizes is your best bet when shopping for a new hose. However, you can find the necessary size if you know the hose’s dash size, desired flow rate or recommended flow velocity. With two of those three variables in hand, you can check a hydraulic fitting size chart to easily tell which size is right for your application.

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